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True Cape 

Program Consulting

Get to "YES"

True Cape LLC’s consulting, writing and editing services help you develop and sustain the initiatives that make your organization exceptional.

True Cape LLC leverages over 24 years of experience and education in developing and sustaining military and healthcare programs to provide you with exceptional program management and development practices that build TRUST, PRODUCTIVITY, MOTIVATION and BRANDING. 

True Cape LLC enables your organization’s talent to level challenges, optimize outcomes, achieve goals and secure success.  

Now THAT's getting to YES!

extends these specialized services for government and non-government businesses of every size

Board Meeting

Advancing Organization Communications

  • Develop more productive partnerships  

  • Engage successfully with stakeholders 

  • Ensure your messaging, intent, directives and feedback are not just disseminated but are understood and institutionalized.

Business Team

Forming Robust Teams

that enjoy productive collaboration efforts across all levels of your organization

Enhancing Effectiveness

Improving organizational processes to increase employee performance.

Signing a Contract

Staff Development

Creating the conditions to establish vigorous mentorship and staff development practices. 

Team Meeting
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Researching and Writing
PS Get it Write!

embodies our WRITING and EDITING services and helps you and your team “Write Well.  Write Now.”


Clear and effective communication is essential in today’s professional world. 


P.S. Get It Write! can help you build Trust, Productivity, Motivation and Branding through exceptional technical, scientific & research, business, communication & marketing writing and editing services.

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