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Clear and effective written communication is essential in today’s professional world.

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P.S. Get It Write! 

your writing partner for

healthcare, medical and military communications

Advertisement copy

Brochures & flyers

Catalogue descriptions

Customer/patient education literature

Mission and vision statements

Press releases

Scientific documents / research papers

Training manuals

White Papers

Articles for publication in trade/specialist magazines

Business plans /company reports

Company newsletters

Internal corporate newsletters

Policies, procedures, protocols

Sales letters

Scripts for television /radio / web advertisements

Website content

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P.S. Get it Write! Proudly offers these exceptionally-written products 


P.S. Get It Write! knows that how you communicate greatly depends on your audience and your intent.  Here are some popular styles of writing and the reasons you may want to utilize them to communicate!



P.S. Get It Write! makes a positive impact in your professional world!  Here are just a few great ways writing well can affect the quality of your work experience and your reputation!


Exceptional writing instills trust.  Customers know when your well-written products are crafted accurately and with integrity.  Writing that is received and understood to be exceptional builds trust with the intended audience--customers who are more likely to connect with your messaging and your services. 


Exceptional writing improves productivity.  Writing clearly and understandably to your audience results in fewer misinterpretations of intent or concepts and misunderstandings of directives.  Writing well streamlines communication with co-workers, staff and customers, and it gets your message out effectively the first time!


Exceptional writing motivates teams.  A team that is effectively informed and fully grasps what they need to accomplish in order to be successful is a team that is cohesive and motivated to get the job done.  By accurately delineating your goals, identifying challenges and communicating a strategy you empower teams to seek solutions, drive change and accomplish the mission.

building a great

Exceptional writing builds a great reputation.  How you write and what you write are important in nearly every aspect of your business.  Customers, investors, staff and industry peers know great efforts when they see them.  Exceptional writing allows your audience to see your ideas, products and services as reputable, valuable, and absolutely top-notch! 

Meet the Writer

Writing Works!

For 25 years, my successes as a clinician, a hospital leader and a Veteran have underscored the value of exceptional written communication.  Today I draw from my diverse professional and academic writing experiences in medicine, healthcare and the military to offer written products that continue to impress.  From white papers and research articles to customer education literature and strategic business plans, my services are key in developing and sustaining programs.  Exceptional writing drives system transformations, project promotion, process improvement, staff development and outcomes reporting.  It also connects people, ideas, organizations and missions. Because of these invaluable benefits of writing, I can’t imagine a better investment in your programs than to ensure you write well, “write” now.  I absolutely look forward to our connection and to identifying the many ways in which my services can enable your exceptional successes! 

Paula Smith
Meet the writer


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